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Remove Ripoff Report by Court Order , Legal Inquiry, Defamatory Link.

Remove Ripoff Report by Court Order , Legal Inquiry, Defamatory Link.


Legal team. Special greetings.

Remove Ripoff Report by Court Order , Legal Inquiry, Defamatory Link.

Remove Ripoff Report by Court Order , Legal Inquiry, Defamatory Link.

This is my inquiry. I’m attaching now some screenshots of the current
online research in Google (phone & laptop devices) that link my name with this Ripoff report that doesn’t represent me
at all and is including defamatory information and wrong accusations
against me, since 2 years ago.

The Ripoff report link was edited actually by the own team of Ripoff
report because PERCEIVED QUESTIONABLE CONTENT, but it doesn’t go away
from the same first page on Google researches, and I’m needing remove
it from the searchers immediately, either way from Ripoff report or
Google itself through a legal complain and submitting a court oder-

Remove Ripoff Report by Court Order.

I’m requesting sincerely to your legal team and resources to help me
out on remove this link as soon as possible we can. I’ll truly
appreciate you this so much. I’ve been accused and losing important
employment opportunities because this link. I know already that Ripoff
report & Google doesn’t remove content from their sites, because the
politics of freedom of speech. I already tried on remove this link
with them without success. I’m just requesting to take on
consideration carry this case with a court complaint, get finally a
Court order from a judge and submit it to Google/ Ripoff and get
delete my name from this link totally. I just don’t have the resources
to do this by my own and I’m not aware of how much could cost get a
court order, as well.

Remove Ripoff Report by Legal Inquiry.

This is the first time this happened to me dear Sir. (Madam), so I’m
not involved at all with notification of actions, court orders or
other legal matters on a defamation case, and I’m requesting,
certainly, on support to remove this link online since it represent a
case of clear cyber defamation. Here’s some other options that Ripoff
offer to remove this report link – – but definitely, the most
direct and accurate way seems to be through a court order signed by a
judge, ordering on remove this link from the internet because their
defamatory information presented.

Remove Ripoff Report Defamatory Link.

Beforehand, thank you for your time and consideration and, In case
that your team won’t consider the option on take my case and try to
help me on get remove this link using a lawful proceed, I’ll
appreciate if you can forward this E-mail to other resources which you
think would be helpful.

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