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How to Push down Ripoff Report with Dailymotion videos

A quick way to push down ripoff reports on Google search
i am going to tell you a quick tip on how to push down negative complaint page on Google with simple videos uploaded on

Push down Ripoff Report complaint with videos

Uploading Videos are quick ways to bury your ripoffreport complaitns on Google
try uploading and sharing your videos on video sharing sites like youtube, vimeo, veoh and dailymotion
you will see that these videos will rank high and show up on the first page.

Push down posts

If the ripoff report does get buried by the videos you need to share them more posts comments on the videos. ask your friends to help you are and make a conversation.

1 comment for “How to Push down Ripoff Report with Dailymotion videos

  1. Julissa
    August 11, 2015 at 9:21 am

    If you have been the subject of a FALSE Ripoff Report I want you to stop lenittg them get a way with it by lenittg your voice be heard. I want you to post the names of those who are smearing you on the internet to let them know how it feels for a change.

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