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De-Index Ripoff Report Links using SEO Hacking Service

Service to De-Index Ripoff Report Links using SEO Hacking
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De-Index Ripoff Report Links using SEO Hacking

De-Index Ripoff Report Links using SEO Hacking

I’ve to mention that I’m a Victim of Labor abuse here in the US and I’m attaching the certification as Victim of human & Labor trafficking issued by the U.S. Labor Department. On top of that, I’ve suffered this defamatory accusations by this link on Ripoff report posted by the former EIC of the company who abused me, so I’m requesting sincerely to your legal team & SEO~ Tech resources to help me out on remove this link as soon as we can. I know already that Ripoff report & Google support doesn’t remove content from their sites, It has been Ripoff Report’s general policy for many years to not remove postings. And Most lawsuits against Ripoff Report have hasn’t success due to the protections of the Communications Decency Act. Even try to submit a legal complaint against Google is unthinkable, since Google “doesn’t create contents on internet” because the original concept of freedom of speech. I already tried on remove this link with them without success, so I’m trusting essentially in your company to take on consideration this case and get a permanent delete this link from the online searching.

How to De-Index Ripoff Report Links using SEO Hacking

The Ripoff report link was edited actually by the own team of Ripoff report because PERCEIVED QUESTIONABLE CONTENT, but it doesn’t go away from the same first page on Google researches, and I’m needing remove it from the searchers immediately-

Since this platform violate their terms of service, I’ll open to use (beside the SEO strategy of the de-index) use specialized knowledge and a lawful auditing to spot violations and have unwanted content removed. We need to find if there is an applicable lawful approach in resolving this issue as well. What happen when any of this content published isn’t even close to the truth? and when the only object of such author is damage my own reputation? by declaring false accusations and terrible statements without strong proves of the facts mentioned?. There’s not guarantee that other people in the future can post the same or similar defamatory information about me or my company? There’s a lawful way that we can speak with some legitimate authorities and request them remove these false accusations?

Beforehand, thank you for your time and consideration on read my declaration and petition, and In case that your team will consider the option on take my case and try to help me on get remove this link using a lawful proceed. I’ll appreciate if you can forward the results and recommendations and a form of a proposal or agreement.