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How to Push down Ripoff Report with Dailymotion videos

A quick way to push down ripoff reports on Google search i am going to tell you a quick tip on how to push down negative complaint page on Google with simple videos uploaded on Push down Ripoff Report complaint with videos Uploading Videos are quick ways to bury your ripoffreport complaitns on Google try uploading and sharing…

Remove Complaint from

Hello I own a Hotel chain in the US there are several negative reviews showing up on our company name on Google these pages are from,,, and even yelp and Can you guys deal with this difficult task to remove or hide all these slander. We have a big budget for this depending on what…

Get rid rip off

I want to get rid of rip off report online can someone point me to the right direction on where to obtain information on how to get rid of my ripoff reports on Googgle and Bing. How To Remove Ripoff Reports From Google My friend mentioned that there are certain services and companies who can help me remove a ripoff…